Bozeman Canine Classic
Bozeman Canine Classic

Bozeman Canine Classic (BCC)  is an organization devoted to planning, hosting and organizing running and walking fundarising events for dogs throughout the state of Montana. At BCC, we understand that not all companies and organizations have the time or manpower to devote to planning a successful fundraising event. That's where Bozeman Canine Classic can help. We come into your organization and plan the event for you. All you have to do is establish a budget and then make the fun decisions - like what color t-shirt, do we want balloons or banners, etc. All the logistics are handled by BCC. All we ask in return is that the proceeds from these events go to great non-profit dog related causes on a national or local level.

Bozeman Canine Classic wants to spread the word of good health for our canines and provide information about proper health, training, and exercising with our best friends.


How did Bozeman Canine Classic happen??

Bozeman Canine Classic is the brainchild of founder and director, Karin Caroline and her dogs. Karin started her running career late in life but had plenty of support from her two dogs, Boone, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Ursa, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Boone and Ursa encouraged Karin to keep running on the trails especially those that had nearby creeks!

Through the course of the next 8 years, Karin would run with Boone and Ursa. When Karin started running Boone was already 8 years old and Ursa came along a year later. Boone passed on in 2009 but with Ursa's continued enthusiasm and zest for running, Karin kept running.

Late in 2009, a new running companion came into Karin's life: Rylee, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Rylee started going on short trail runs when she was 9 months old. Karin wanted to wait to allow her ligaments, tendons and bones to mature before putting too many miles and stress on her. Rylee thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of the new events that BCC has planned. Rylee added a baby sister, Mila, a Vizsla who is now 2 years old and already shows incredible speed and agility. Unfortunately, Rylee passed in January 2017 of bone cancer - a big reason why Bozeman Canine Classic continues to raise money to fight this terrible canine disease.

Karin continues to run with Mila in and around Bozeman's trails. Mila even has a new younger sister, Harlee, a Chesapeake (to keep the tradition going) to keep her active! Even though Karin has several jobs outside Bozeman Canine Classic, she has always been involved with her dogs and their health. She knew some day that she would do something for dogs and the Bozeman community.

She's had the idea of dog events rattling around in her brain for years. But she finally decided to do it and do it the right way - plan ahead and make them great events for everyone in Bozeman AND Montana to enjoy. So that's how the idea for Bozeman Canine Classic came about. 

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